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Driving omnichannel audience expansion and CVR boost for the multinational wellness brand


increase in net retail sales


increase in online sales


lift in CVR for new users


Our primary objective was to test and measure the impact of employing a direct branding campaign to support the company's existing distribution channels (call, click, come in), and a combination of DTC and retail calls to action with appropriate reach and frequency levels for a given market testing environment.

Additionally, we would develop a strategy to rapidly launch products, with the goal of driving trial/sell-thru using retail ad creative segmentation. Doing so also required us to segment and align audiences, ad creative, media content, landing pages, and customer journey touch points.


We developed an integrated media plan for five selected markets across TV, radio, social media, search engines, and retargeting flows to drive both foot traffic and eventually sales. We also implemented tracking methods to digitally retarget prospects and drive them to ecommerce conversion points.



Retail sales impact

Test cells group transactions during test window increased by 76.1% compared with the control cells lift of 32.7%, signifying an impact of 43.4% net left in retails sales.

Retail sales impact
Digital and retail sales trend, control vs. test

Online sales impact

Test grouping transactions during the test window increased by 242.4%, compared with the control market's lift of 46.2%—signifying a 196.2% impact margin.