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Corporate branding company, Interform, invests in to modernize its B2B portal technology

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The challenge

A problem with shoehorning solutions

In 2009, over a decade before the pandemic-driven shifts in buying habits towards ecommerce, Interform realized that their customers’ needs would be better served through an online shopping solution. Namely, providing each of their clients their own custom webstore, from which they could easily order promotional materials from Interform.

The ERP Interform was using at the time already had an ecommerce component, so they adapted it to serve as their customer-facing online store. However, due to ERP’s inflexibility, limited features and dated interface, they eventually realized, like many others, that this make-work solution not only wouldn’t fit their needs but it would make it difficult to scale.

“The ERP platform wasn’t easy to use,” said Web Development Manager Jason Grow. “The look and feel was not modern, and we ran into limitations as to what we could customize. Also, the platform was locked. You couldn’t go out and find your own plugins or make connections.”

Jason was dissatisfied with this make-work system, and Interform’s customers were disappointed too. Customers had high expectations for the online store and voiced concerns that the ERP-based stores didn’t match their vision. “Those that felt strongest about the old ERP represented a quarter of our business. We wanted to find a different shopping cart solution that best fit their—and our—needs,” Jason admits. “In addition to existing customers, there were opportunities on the table that could only move forward by investing in a proper online store platform.” b2b commerce platform website

The Solution

A flexible multi-store platform B2B Commerce Platform can run multi-stores with a high degree of customization and individuality. Customer teams were granted the permissions necessary to make their own changes and perform their own updates. This streamlined the store management process and required less manual effort by the Interform web team.


Multi-stores sharing a single admin


More customization than the prior platform


Revenue bolstered

6 months

From project start to first go-live

Project Development

The value of professional services

The implementation team was able to get Interform’s webstores up and running within 6 months. They were able to leverage the platform's features to effectively cater to the client's requirements. “When we started the process, we had 62 stores on the other system. We still have several of those stores to bring over, but we expect to exceed a hundred within the next one to two years with this platform.”

Interform Products using b2b commerce platform


A flexible B2B solution

With the integration of's B2B Commerce Platform, Interform effectively catered to their customers' needs. This collaboration facilitated seamless customization and management of multiple stores, empowering customer teams to efficiently make updates and changes. As a result, Interform streamlined its operations, delivering enhanced services to its clientele.

"Thanks to, we’re able to offer a more customized look, feel and operation of their stores than most other competitors. Because most other competitors are using a generic platform that doesn’t give them the flexibility that Cart does.”

Interform has the confidence to move forward with this migration and roll out their new solution to new and existing customers. Jason says, “Switching to AmeriCommerce by has prevented us from losing customers, and we’ve got another half-dozen potential customers that have just been waiting for us to move platforms.”

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