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Case Studies

A repair solution manufacturer’s customer service received a complete makeover moving exclusively to Customer Engagement.


The company

Founded in 1978. The Company’s mission is to offer high-quality repair solutions to national distributors, commercial companies, and individual homeowners. They manufacture repair and replacement parts and safety and security products. Their goal is to ensure they are helping customers replace their hardware with the right product, for the right price, at the right time.


The challenge

The Company did a full overhaul of how they handle customer service for their B2B clients. The company was replacing their in-house solution that was no longer working and fully built out a new team with The team rose to the challenge with a complete overhaul in less than 4 weeks. successfully launched a new B2B user experience and solved these persistent problems for  voice, ticket and fax services:

  • Email and phone interactions were overly complicated.
  • Technology platforms weren’t speaking to each other, which made identifying root issues nearly impossible.
  • Limited access and communication lines with warehouse team.
  • Long wait times that impacted customer service levels and customer satisfaction
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The solution

The Company selected Customer Engagement as a scalable long-term plan for expanding support and optimizing costs on customer service to improve the customer experience. Partnering with Customer Engagement, the company:

Improve Technologies

Implemented’s technology stack with automatic call distribution (ACD) and ticketing platform that supports email with a seamless integration with the warehouse OMS.

Revised Process

Reimagined and relaunched the Company’s customer service processes with a key focus on improved visibility with fulfillment and clear understanding of inventory availability.

Overhauled Customer Experience

Conducted brand immersion and training of bilingual support agents to ensure that customers would receive valuable guidance and support in delivering the desired brand experience.

The result

Using Customer Engagement, the Company saw an immediate impact on support KPIs while expanding customer service capabilities and optimizing cost savings. was able to decrease the average response time to under an hour and improve the abandon call rate by 50%.

Key optimizations:

  • Implementation of new standard operating procedures to improve customer interactions and reduce response times.
  • Overhaul of the connection and communication with the Fulfillment Center to improve visibility and provide more efficient and timely updates to the customer.
  • Absorbed data entry, routine tasks and order processing resulting in decreased client workload.
  • Oversight of EDI orders to minimize issues and processing times for key customers.

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