Customized support without the costly overhead

Scale as you grow

Cart Customer Engagement helps transform your customer support functions from a cost center to a profit center, with services and solutions that are flexible, scalable and affordable.

Delight your customers

Instead of just "diffusing the situation", we're focused on delighting and retaining your customers, and increasing upsell/cross-sell potential in every engagement.

Retain your brand experience

Your customer service team is completely white labeled to represent your brand, with in-depth training on your products to guide shoppers through pre- and post-purchase questions.

Make the most of every conversation on every channel

We're dedicated to building brand equity, cross-selling your products, delighting customers and extending LTV.

Eliminate headaches

Get full management of your brand's internal and outsourced customer support on a daily basis for consultative sales, telesales, lead generation, lead qualification and white-glove engagements.

Extend loyalty & increase CLV

We work hand in hand with you to develop the architecture of your platform tools, design workflow processes and secret shop to find gaps in the customer experience.

Meet your shoppers where they are

Our customer service representatives are available via phone, chat, email, SMS, social media and anywhere else you connect with customers.

Get started fast

For smaller brands who don't have the infrastructure to support omnichannel customer service, we are a fast-to-market option that handles your end-to-end customer support functions.