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2024 State of the retail consumer


Consumers speak and retailers listen: It’s how it has always been. Outside influences, innovations and shifts in attitudes and cultural norms result in new behaviors, preferences, retail dynamics and novel trends. 2023 breathed new life into the economy and consumer spending. Sentiment went up, and BFCM saw record numbers. Technology continued its innovating in leaps and bounds, and omnichannel commerce solidified its position as the go-to retail approach.

Now as we enter 2024, retailers must look at how the economy, consumer finances and feelings will shape the coming year. What will the retail outlook be? What trends are on the rise? Where are consumers shopping, and how do they want to be engaged?

To learn more about how the state of the retail consumer, including mindset, spending trends, behaviors, desires and more – and the best practices and strategies to reach, engage and retain consumers, download and read the full eBook.