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White paper

Streamlining commerce operations with a dedicated fulfillment site takeover

fullfillment site takeove white paper graphic

The dramatic rise in ecommerce, accelerated by the pandemic, triggered significant disruptions in the supply chain causing more merchants to seek greater control over their product distribution channels. Some brands chose to oversee their logistics and fulfillment operations, hoping to better drive the customer experience and maximize brand profitability. They also aimed to create a stable supply chain, futureproofing against new disruptions.

While dedicated fulfillment (self-fulfillment) offers benefits, brands can become overinvested, draining resources, and pulling focus from core operations. Additionally, brands must be prepared to handle high and sustained return volumes, inventory management, shipping cost fluctuations, labor shortages, changing regulations and more. When the costs outweigh the benefits, they seek a better solution.

A “dedicated fulfillment site takeover” refers to a strategic business initiative in which a 3PL assumes control and management of a specific retailer's distribution site(s). The 3PL can take over the entire fulfillment process or some of it – including labor management, order processing, inventory management, packing and shipping, within their designated facility.

To learn more about how has helped major brands transition out of self-fulfillment and the benefits and value the dedicated site takeover process offers, download the full white paper below.