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Apparel Fulfillment

Apparel and clothing fulfillment services built to scale elevates your brand with our specialized 3PL services tailored for the apparel, clothing and accessories industry. We excel in selling and delivering your products with a touch of fashion-forward expertise.

Trusted By Over 6,000 Customers Worldwide

Proud to serve leading apparel brands

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Our history as a clothing 3PL

Since its inception, has catered to some of the largest apparel brands across the US. Our vast 3PL experience in the fashion and apparel industry provides invaluable consumer insights to deliver the perfect brand experience, with every order.
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Efficient pick and pack services for fashion brands


Flexible order fulfillment services built to handle the high SKU base, order volume and returns specific to the apparel industry. Our streamlined fulfillment process is designed to meet quality control standards specific to the clothing industry including labeling, folding, and ensuring garments are conditioned for sale.

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Value-added services tailored for apparel brands


Include return labels with every outbound order for easy customer returns or send custom notes to personalize the customer experience. Repackage, reticket, condition, and restock returned clothing for resale. Manage subscription orders and boxed sets with ease with our apparel value-added services.


Fulfill your brand promises with a complete VAS menu designed to meet the growing demand of apparel consumers.

Inventory management solutions for fashion brands


Effortlessly connect your tech with our order and warehouse management system for real-time inventory visibility and real-time order control. Effectively plan resources to manage peak volume periods, stockouts and overstocking with our inventory AI built for the fashion industry.

OMS WMS dashboard for apparel brands

Premium service for clothing fulfillment customers

Omnichannel order fulfillment designed for apparel and fashion brands

We are pleased to partner with and believe its scale, proprietary technologies and operational expertise will enhance our efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.
Russell Bowers
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
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