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Supercharging franchise operations with specialized B2B commerce tools

Our B2B commerce platform empowers franchises with the tools needed to unify commerce operations, streamline ordering processes and maintain brand consistency across locations. Benefit from features designed to support the complex ecosystem of franchising, driving growth and operational excellence.


Micro and multi-store capabilities

Enable same but different franchise locations

Not every franchisee may look the same. Our micro and multi-store capabilities allow you to create separate stores for each franchisee, so you never have to worry about inventory going to the wrong franchise. Allow each franchisee to have its own store to shop out of or create separate marketplaces for franchise segments. 



Flexible financial transactions for franchises

Our feature for custom payment types offers the flexibility needed to accommodate the diverse financial arrangements within a franchise system, including franchisor support payments and direct billing options. This adaptability facilitates smoother transactions across your network.



Encourage bulk purchasing with discounts

Reduce costs and streamline supply chain management with quantity break discounts, which incentivize bulk purchases for franchises. This feature is particularly beneficial for franchises needing to stock uniform products or ingredients across multiple locations.


Sales rep management

Personalized support for every franchise

With sales rep management features, you can assign dedicated sales reps to franchisees, offering personalized support and assistance with orders, inventory management, and marketing strategies. This enhances the level of support available to each franchisee and  contributes to the overall success of the franchise system.


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