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Enhancing B2B subscriptions with seamless commerce solutions

Elevate your subscription model with our B2B commerce platform, designed to streamline subscription management for B2B clients. From automated renewals to flexible payment options, our platform offers the features you need to grow your subscription base and enhance customer satisfaction.

Types of subscription products

Manage the unique requirements of your subscription products natively

Wholesale Orders Content/Blog Access E-books/PDF Downloads Grocery or Food Orders Mp3/Audio/Digital Files Software Licenses Health Supplements Services


Automate and optimize your subscription services

Our platform simplifies managing B2B subscriptions with variable subscription types, offering tools to automate renewals, manage intervals, and provide customers with the flexibility to modify their subscription plans. Enhance the subscription experience with personalized options and seamless management.


Customizable payment and billing settings

Flexible payment options for every subscriber

Adapt to the diverse needs of your B2B clients with our custom payment types feature which supports a range of payment methods from invoices to electronic transfers and allows for customizable billing frequencies. This flexibility ensures that subscribing and renewing is convenient for all your customers.


Customer account management

Give more power to your customers

Allow your customers to have control over their subscriptions and account settings with dedicated My Account pages. Your customers will have access to their profiles so that they can add to, cancel, enable or disable their subscriptions. 


Rule-based emails

Email automations for any customer activity

Streamline operations with smart automation that automates your customer communications to send rule-based emails. Set custom email triggers for customer activities like order completion, update or cancellation, abandoned cart reminders, customer type, shipping method, and more. This feature ensures operational efficiency and enhances the customer experience. 


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