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How can I publish the products from my sales channels to Amazon?

Using SellerActive you can easily publish your existing product catalog from eBay, Shopify, Walmart, and many other sales channels to AmazonUS. Not only does SellerActive allow you to create brand new Amazon Listings/ASIN's but you can also list to existing Amazon offer's through our platform. 

Most of our customers are already store owners on Amazon prior to starting with SellerActive and several of our tools cater to the process of taking your products and listing them to eBay or Walmart. With that said, you can easily publish to Amazon following the steps outlined in this workflow. 

There are a few things to keep in mind before pressing forward with the publishing process: 

  • You must have a Product ID (UPC, ASIN, MPN, etc.) in order to list to Amazon. The only exception is if you're a Private Label Seller and have approval to list with a UPC Exemption
    • Gaining a UPC Exemption from Amazon does require a few things such as brand registration and approval through an Amazon account representative. 
    • Even if you're attempting to publish to an existing offer on Amazon, a Product ID is required. Our single listing creation tool allows you to search for items via the title or description on Amazon but we still link to an existing Product ID that is presented from Amazon. 
  • You must have available quantity in order to create the listing on Amazon. 
    • If you have 0 quantity available at the time of publishing the listing will stay within SellerActive until you have quantity available. 
  • After integrating your sales channels to SellerActive we will automatically import your listings and create SellerActive products. Some vital information might be missing from import file and you are required to include the required fields based on the category of the listing on Amazon.
    • This is very easy to do if you have a flat file that includes the SKU and the missing fields. These fields will vary based on category (i.e. "Age Range" might be required for Children's toys but not Electronics)
    • Please review the Product Import process for more information on how you can get product reach details into the application.

Now that we have those out of the way, please see the below options and see which process applies to you.

Following the step by step instructions and we can get these items to Amazon!

I am attempting to create an Amazon listing from scratch. This item does not exist on Amazon yet

I am attempting to publish to Amazon and the items already exist on Amazon. 

I am attempting to take my AmazonUS listings and push them to the other Amazon marketplaces like AmazonCA and AmazonMX

I am attempting to take my listings from eBay and list them to Amazon. These are well known items

I am attempting to take my listings from Walmart and list them to Amazon. These are well known items

I am attempting to take my listings from Shopify or BigCommerce and list them to Amazon. These are well known items. 

I am attempting to take my listings from eBay, Walmart, or other site but I don't know or have the Product ID. 

I am attempting to publish from a non-Amazon sales channel to another non-Amazon sales channel.