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Jet Product Statuses

This article covers the meaning of common product statuses you will see assigned to your listings while logged directly into your Jet.com portal

Archived - Listing is set to inactive on Jet.com and will need to be unarchived in order for it to be imported into your SellerActive account.

  • If you need your listings unarchived, please contact the SellerActive support team at support@selleractive.com and provide a list of SKUs that you would like unarchived.

Excluded Category or Brand - JET’s catalog team has determined the product offer to be in violation of their terms. Product may be associated with a category or brand that is not permitted on Jet.com.

Excluded - JET's catalog team has deemed a product or listing to be in violation of their terms. The product may be associated with a category, product type, or brand that is not permitted on Jet.com. We've also seen this error when your price is not competitive. In this case, lowering your price and re-submitting your listing should resolve the problem.

Unauthorized - You are not currently permitted to sell this product on Jet.com. This may be because you are not authorized to sell a specific product type or brand, or you are unable to meet the fulfillment standards set out in the “Jet Partner Policy”.

Missing Listing Data - This product is not yet listed on Jet.com because it lacks the required data to be a complete listing. Typically, there are one or more sub-statuses for items in this status that identify what specific additional information is required to be a complete listing.

Missing Price - Either no price was included when you listed the product or Jet’s catalog team reviewed your pricing and found them to be too high in comparison to other marketplaces or competition.

Missing Image - Your image does not show your product clearly, contains logos, text, or labels, or is too low quality.

Missing or Invalid Category - You selected an incorrect or restricted category, or the category you selected has been recently deprecated by JET. We recommend downloading a new listing template from your SellerActive account as the categories or required information may have changed since you last downloaded the template.

Under Jet Review - Listing is under review for data quality by the JET catalog team. It typically takes anywhere from a few hours to 4 weeks to have your products approved. If your products stayUnder Review for more than 2 weeks, we recommend you contact JET at partner@jet.com and ask if there are any issues preventing your products from being approved. As soon as they provide you more details, you can contact the SellerActive support team and we will assist you with corrections.

Available for Sale - The product is available for purchase on Jet.com if it has inventory.

Important to remember when submitting changes to JET

Listings must have a quantity greater than 0 in order for JET's catalog team to start the review process. Jet.com updates product statuses for your inventory once per day so you may experience a lag between the time you make an update to your inventory and when it is reflected in the JET portal.

Additionally, any messages or errors about missing categories, variations, price or images will remain until your products have been reviewed by the JET catalog team. However, it is always a good idea to send an email to partner@jet.com to confirm that all required data is visible on their end.

  • In most scenarios, contacting JET at partner@jet.com is your best resource for finding out why your listing has been assigned to its corresponding status. The SellerActive support team will then be able to assist you once JET has provided details about the issue