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Transitioning your Jet.com Account to SellerActive from another system

Here are some general Jet.com tips to keep in mind before integrating through SellerActive.

Transitioning Software Platforms:

  • If you have been using another eCommerce platform prior to SellerActive, it is very important that you confirm that the old service has been disconnected. Having two systems running at the same time may negatively affect the order import process and status of your account.

SellerActive will only import the items under the "Available for Sale" or "Under Jet.com Review" status:

  • We import SKUs that are considered "active" listings. Jet.com's API does not allow SellerActive to grab items with statuses such as "Missing Listing Data" or "Rejected".

Fulfillment Nodes:

  • Currently, SellerActive supports a single fulfillment node. If you have more than one fulfillment node within Jet.com, we will import all of your inventory that is "Available for Sale" or "Under Jet.com Review" and then apply the singular node that you provided in the SellerActive integrations page.