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What does a bundle mean in SellerActive and how can it help me manage my buisness?

A bundle in SellerActive is a feature where our system links two (or more) different SKU's and impacts the quantity communication between those products. The bundle functionality can be flexible and has many uses within the application. You can assign a bundle relationship one by one or in bulk via a flat file. 

A Bundle is different then a variation as a bundle impacts the available quantity on a given product. A variation is an association of different styles/sizes for the same product. 

When you're assigning a bundle, you are establishing a Product (Individual SKU) to dictate the quantity of another product (Bundle SKU). For simplicity, we will be referring to the Individual SKU as "SKU A" and the Bundle SKU as "SKU B" and they are on a 1 to 1 ratio. After the bundle relationship is established if you were to update "SKU A" to have a quantity of 10 then "SKU B" would have 10. When an order is placed for "SKU B" then the quantity will deduct from "SKU A" and both products would be updated. 


Typical uses for bundles within SellerActive:

  1. Establishing Multi-pack relationships where one listings dictates the quantity to a 2-pack, 4-pack, etc. 
  2. Syncing quantity for the same product that is on different marketplaces as they have different SKU's
  3. If multiple products need to be included in a single order. Bundling the items will include all products within the order details. The best example of this is a bicycle where an order of 1 bicycle would include 1 frame, 2 wheels, etc. 

Things to consider when establishing a bundle relationship:

  1. Bundles are best used with FBM inventory. SellerActive does not update the FBA warehouse Available quantity or allow you to bundle FBA products together. 
  2. If you're looking to associate a set of T-shirts that are blue, red, and green then you will want to establish a variation and a variation theme. For more information on this you can see this article.