Measure marketplace performance to optimize your business

Multichannel inventory syncing means you’ll never have to worry about out-of-stock items or overselling again.

Gain insight into your advertising performance at the channel and product level to optimize your product catalog.

Nationwide network

Manage fulfillment and streamline your entire operation with with ecommerce analytics and unparalleled line of sight across your business.

Put the focus on your most profitable products

Use sales channel analytics to bid up or down, shift your focus, invest more or discontinue products based on real-time marketplace data.

Sales channel analytics

Preserve your brand's value with pricing stabilization, buy-box reporting and reseller monitoring.

SKU-level analytics

Find correlations and trends for any SKU using multi-variant trend analysis to track price, units sales, inventory, buy box percentage, ad spend, conversion rates and more.

Customer return analysis

Learn and resolve the root causes of returns to reduce or eliminate the cost of returns and refunds.

Product-level analytics

Identify bestsellers & under-performers so you can shift focus to your most profitable products.

Put the focus on your most profitable products

Sales channel analytics for smarter selling online

Preserve your brand's value with pricing stabilization, buy box reporting and reseller monitoring to make data-driven decisions about the future of your ecommerce business.

Real-time P&L

Stay aware of and react to good and bad trends in real time with a full profit an doss reports that include ad spend.

Manage fulfillment in one place

Automatically route orders to FBA or your 3PL provider quickly and easily. And fulfill from your own warehouses using our shipping integrations.

Inventory reports

Avoid out-of-stocks with alerts and low stock thresholds.

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