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AfterShip is an automated tracking solution and API for eCommerce. Support tracking 636 international couriers worldwide.

Package Tracker by AfterShip

AfterShip makes it easy for stores to track all shipments in one place, and notify customers of delivery updates. Support UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and 190 carriers.

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  • Auto track all your shipments - UPS, USPS, Fedex & 120+ couriers (Free)
  • Display tracking results on your store (Free)
  • Notify customers when in transit, out for delivery, delivered and exceptions (Premium)

Try AfterShip for 100% FREE. No credit card required

AfterShip is free for tracking unlimited shipments. Simply sign up at AfterShip. You can choose to upgrade to Premium anytime for notification service.

  • Track All Shipments in One Place

Shipments imported to your AfterShip account will be matched with the correct couriers and tracked automatically for free at AfterShip. You can also filter your shipments by dates, statuses, couriers and destination.Find out if all your shipments are delivered on time and discover any exceptions.

Display TrackingResults on Your Store

Insert AfterShip Track Button to display tracking results on your store. You can allow customers to input tracking number for tracking or let customers get tracking results in one click at order history page.Follow this guide for inserting Track Button.

Notify Customers ofDelivery Updates

Upgrade to Premium to send out delivery notifications automatically. Select single or multiple - In transit, Out for delivery, Delivered, Failed delivery attempt or Exceptions. Use your own email to send out notifications, and customize messages to add store logo, URL, a direct tracking link to get more returned customers after shipping!


How to install:

How to add AfterShip Track Button