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Sell something, get paid. Companies are investing heavily in large credit teams to invoice and collect from their customers and buying expensive software that deteriorates their bottom line. Apruve set out to fix this.

Apruve offers a turnkey platform and service to manage and finance your B2B credit program. We eliminate all traditional A/R credit management tasks and finance all invoices within a 24 hr period, eliminating your credit and lending risk.

Account Management

  • Automated credit approval of your business customers within 60 seconds
  • Design your own credit program – Consolidate invoices, enable end of month statements, Net 30/60? You decide.
  • All communication, invoicing and payment reminders are branded for you
  • Robust A/P portal for your customers
  • One click, no pay checkout directly from your store.

Invoice Financing

  • Apruve partners with 3rd party banks to finance your entire credit program
  • All invoices are paid out to you within 24 hrs.
  • We assume the collections and lending risk, not you.

Get Started. Click here for more info on how to activate Apruve on your online store.

Adding Apruve to your store is easy to do. Click here to sign up. You can also reach out to Apruve anytime at