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InviteReferrals Trusted by 10k + Enterprise and Small Business Including Microsoft, Motorola, Foursquare, Dominos, Cola-cola, American Express , Sky , Mozilla are few names & Running campaign since 2009

Give your store a referral program

InviteReferrals is a Simplest Referral Marketing Software to design and launch Customer Referral Campaigns within minutes to reach new customers. Install once, edit or create multiple campaigns without changing the code ever on your site.

InviteReferrals is available in 25+ languages including Swedish, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Latvian, Latin, Korea, Greek, French, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Arabic, Italy, German, Spanish, Portuguese, that. To help us support more languages (only 25 translations required),


  • Multiple types of referral widgets
  • Mobile compatible – works on all device types
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Fully customizable email templates, campaign views, and referral invite content through WYSIWYG editor
  • Select from multiple customer referral options including Facebook share, whatsapp, twitter, email, chat, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.
  • Built for marketers. No code changes required after one time integration
  • Select from 4 types of Rewards – Share, Sale, Registration, Mobile app Install
  • Identify and reward most influential referrers based on filters like invites sent, referral site visits or referral sales.
  • Select between unique/static coupons, or any other form of gratification like offline shipment.
  • Referral fraud prevention mechanisms are built right into your referral campaign. It includes spam proof notification system, identification of suspicious participants or manual conversion review among many other mechanisms
  • All referral campaign data can be exported.
  • Full automation
  • Create Facebook Referral App
  • Non-blocking, high-performance code

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