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5 New Digital is an eCommerce, retail and digital commerce research, analytics and strategy consulting firm.

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Areas Served
  • Influencer/Social Media
Design & Development
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Supply Chain Evaluation & Consulting
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia

About 5 new digital

We serve brands, retailers, FMCGS and manufacturers from the world over by creating innovative, future driven, consumer-obsessed strategies, tactics and technologies that increase sales through four key objectives:

  1. Driving more traffic (online and physical)
  2. Increasing conversions
  3. Increasing basket size
  4. Ensuring Consumer Lifetime Value

We have been grown our clients' business and effected industry change by applying the principles of:

  1. The New Retail - The complete integration of online/offline/technology/supply chain and content to build brand and retail ecosystems
  2. Graduating our clients from Omnichannel to "Unified Commerce" - Connecting and viewing all of your channels as part of a connected whole
  3. Developing your "Immersive Commerce" strategy and deployment (Livestreaming Commerce, AR/ER, Short form Video, 3D/Spatial experience online, Physical Store Tech, Proto-Metaverse Environments
  4. "Three C" Commerce (leaving the old paradigms behind to build CONTENT, COMMUNITY and COMMERCE flow)
  5. Profitability through shrinking consumer acquisition costs and optimiziatng service levels and costs of logistics and fulfillment

From an execution standpoint we have:

An end-to-end Livestreaming Commerce production, software and strategy arm

A Microfulfilment (2 day delivery to 90% of the US) arm

A China/APAC Strategy firm and a China/APAC social media and digital advertising agency

A Data Science and Analytics office (25 Data Scientists in Chicago)

A full service Supply Chain, Logistics and Fulfillment strategy and implementation firm (Atlanta)

Offices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Portland, OR, Galway Ireland, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City