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Cart Payments (Powered by PayPal) brings your PayPal Checkout and credit card transactions together using the PayPal Commerce Platform.

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About PayPal

PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.

PayPal and Cart

Cart Payments (Powered by PayPal) brings your PayPal Checkout and credit card transactions together using the PayPal Commerce Platform. The underlying technology for Cart Payments is powered by PayPal. PayPal provides the back-end infrastructure to process payments and deposit money into your bank account. As a pioneer in online payments for the last 20 years, payment security is in PayPal's DNA. Their powerful, two sided network securely processes more than 1 billion payments each month - and their machine-learning fraud tools get smarter with every transaction.

Use cases

  • The Benefits Storefront has upgraded to the newest version of PayPal Commerce Platform, the same API being used for PayPal Checkout (formerly Express) which brings a ton of added value to our customers. Here's a few of the benefits that are now available via the integration:

  • View payments all in one dashboard

    With the new PayPal Commerce platform you can view all Storefront Payments (Powered by Paypal) and PayPal Checkout (formerly PayPal Express) sales at once in your PayPal admin console with a modern and up to date admin experience.

  • New improved API for a faster and more secure checkout

    PayPal Commerce platform allows a smoother transaction process that reduces wait time, provides extra security, and improves the customer experience resulting in more converted sales and less fraud.

  • Included Storefront order data

    Unlike other gateways integrations, Storefront now passes more data for the order to the PayPal Commerce Platform allowing even more information to help with packing slips, shipping data, fraud prevention and much more.

  • Get customized transaction rates

    With Storefront Payments (Powered by PayPal) now using the PayPal Commerce platform and a stellar relationship with Storefront - you can get lower customized rates tailored to your business needs even if you're selling high risk products.