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Arnie Cohen Discusses Partnership

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We saw through COVID, there were a couple of challenges. One of the challenges was labor. Number two, we knew that systemically we were not current. Cart came back and said, we're gonna offer you a hybrid.

They've actually taken over the payroll of the warehouse. And what that created for us was a win win. Their Jazz software is fantastic. We're using their technology for us we maintain the familiarity of our warehouse.

We have the ability to see the goods. We've got their systems, which you know, they're  moving ten billion dollars a year in product, which meant I didn't have a huge capital outlay up front. We had a go live date of September one, and they went live August twenty ninth or thirtieth. My VP of ops is he's crying he's so excited. We are processing twelve to fifteen hundred orders a day with a staff that is thirty percent to forty percent less less than last year in a single shift whereas a year ago with that increased staff, it would probably take us a shift and a half maybe two. I think it's their system and their processes. So, you know, they're they're using what many large Direct to consumer or logistics company use, but very few small ones can afford.

They're on tablet with infrared bar code readers.

They have they've they've mapped the whole warehouse in 3d technology. The wave technology gives the optimum path for a picker to go out. A picker is no longer picking one order or two orders at a time. They're picking twenty five orders at a time. On the super tote, they're picking a hundred orders.

And they are running, and it is literally foolproof.