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Attracting and converting the right customers is more difficult and expensive than ever before.

They require continuous optimization.

And brands lack the time and resources to maximize performance. channels is a powerful combination tools and services that helps you manage product listings, promotions, pricing, and fulfillment through one centralized interface.

Whether it's advertising channels, social media channels, or the world's leading marketplaces, We help brands sell more everywhere.

Our easy to use software helps you avoid the headache of uploading, managing, and distributing product listings, through automated product imports and data mapping, title, description, and feed optimization, AB testing, and Google Text ad creation.

After your products are listed, our automated repricing engine helps you monitor similar products to win the buy box up to seventy two percent of the time.

You can even increase conversion rates across two thousand plus advertising channels. With our price watch tool that helps fine tune your pricing strategy with competitive cost analysis.

When your product are ready to ship, we can route your order to a variety of 3PLs to help increase speed and reliability.

We all automatically update your inventory count to help avoid selling out of stock items.

Once you sign up for channels, A dedicated account manager will ensure a smooth setup and is always available for ongoing support.

We also offer best in class managed services that can execute any day to day business operation, all while building strategies to drive sales growth and maximize profitability.

Attract more customers, convert them into buyers and simplify operations with cart channels.