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The more advertising and shopping channels you list your products on, the more sales and visibility you get. It's that simple.

But managing your products and ad campaigns across multiple channels is not so simple. With cart feed marketing, you can quickly upload, manage and distribute your product listings across two thousand plus online advertising, social media, and shopping channels.

Our software helps you optimize your product listings and ad campaigns to increase your ROI.

So how do we do this? We automatically upload your product catalog into one centralized database.

Then we make sure your products meet their requirements of each shopping channel to help you list in more places.

We also help you improve your title, description, keywords, and customer segmentation to create the most effective product listing.

You can even monitor multiple listings using our product level analytics to view your overall sales and ad performance across multiple channels.

Our price watch tool helps you monitor similar products from other sellers to optimize pricing.

And our top notch customer support and managed services teams can set up and your product listings for you.

Boost performance, heighten visibility, and maximize profits with card feed marketing. Start your free trial at