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Thirty five percent of shoppers purchased products from online marketplaces.

It's become an essential part of any e commerce business.

But managing your product catalog, tracking inventory, analyzing performance, and optimizing pricing across multiple places can be time consuming and tedious.

Cart marketplace management helps you avoid the headache of individually managing your product list across Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and more.

Our easy to use software provides a centralized location to upload and publish products across the world's largest marketplaces simultaneously.

Once your products are listed, our proprietary repricing tool helps you win the buy box on average seventy two percent of the time.

Set pricing guardrails and margin thresholds to automatically update pricing based on similar products to maximize revenue.

Our customers are seeing an average of twenty two percent revenue growth in the first sixty days.

To prevent your products from overselling or going out of stock, our advanced analytics automatically syncs orders across multiple marketplaces.

And you have the option to expand your fulfillment network by routing orders to a variety of 3PLs to increase speed and reliability, streamline operations, and sales with card marketplace management.

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