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New Jersey Fulfillment Center

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Transcript fulfillment is a third party nationwide fulfillment network.

Our highly automated 400,000 square foot facility in Florence, New Jersey is equipped with state of the art technologies built to match the speed of the market.

Strategically located within one hour of the New York and New Jersey ports, this fulfillment facility offers same day delivery to the New York metro market. And two day delivery to a large percentage of the rest of the US.

Our easy integration process allows brands to onboard in a matter of days weeks, not months.

Once onboarded, products flow through our automated receiving process and inspection stations for detailed quality control.

This center is defined by our customers' requirements for speed, scalability, and flexibility.

All with real time inventory counts synced across your sales channels.

The mini load and shuttle systems boast over eighty thousand SKU storage locations and are equipped with automated cranes and robotic shuttles. And a design that both calls and puts away totes to maximize output.

Our proprietary distributed order management system coupled with the innovative WTS creates a perfect synergy for both clients and operations.

Our fully integrated in house OMS, WMS, and Dom allows you to sell and fulfill your products across multiple channels all from one portal and provides real time visibility into your inventory.

Not to mention, our low to high speed unit sorter Design by Euro Sport runs at two hundred feet per minute with a capacity of over three hundred thousand units per day.

The design of the unit sorter allows for true omnichannel processing.

The combination of system and equipment allows for various business units such as web fulfillment, retail store fulfillment, and wholesale fulfillment to run concurrently.

This eliminates the need for traditional packing and has created a truly automated goods to person environment.

The put wall is a put to light radio frequency based system that is strategically placed within the unit sorter and consists of over six hundred locations when in fulfillment mode.

The Putwall is used to consolidate a customer's multi piece order. Cart's New Jersey fulfillment center, has packout stations that allow for orders to be automatically routed from either the unit sorter shoots or the put wall for completion.

Once an order is packed, It's moved to the parcel sorter that allows packages to be pre sorted for carrier pickup.

In addition to the highly automated order processing systems, Cart's fulfillment center is also capable of reverse logistics, including web and retail store returns, Coupled with over forty workstations, our center is capable of processing over one hundred fifty thousand pieces per week back into inventory.

This includes the ability to receive, inspect, re bag, re ticket, process customer credit, and re induct product back into inventory.

As consumers shift their buying preferences to online, scalability and performance are key to your brand's success.

And because Cart's New Jersey fulfillment center is modern, automated, and ideally located, it's the perfect choice.

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