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Transcript is unique because we provide a completely unified front end for these brands. We provide a completely unified back end where we combine the analytics for the end consumers of these brands and just give them access to this data. We're also unique because we can provide economic student that nobody else can. Why? Because we own the entire value chain.

Although the company is just under a year old, as you've already made tremendous progress have over three hundred employees have made several acquisitions across the value chain of ecommerce software and services.

It really started out with our founders coming together and saying, Hey, there is a massive fragmentation problem in e commerce, where merchants, businesses, brands are not able to get the fully integrated, fully unified software and services they need to scale efficiently. Whether you're a small business that's just starting out or you're a middle market company that's been around for fifty years, struggling to grow, how do you obtain those same economies of scale that your much larger competitors have? What we're doing at, I think, is vital to giving those folks a fighting chance.

We can do their marketing. We can do their online storefront. We can do their fulfillment we can do all of it, most of it, or some of it. We want it to be brand obsessed from day one and build a business that would start with the needs of the brand and work our way back efforts from it with a very, very, very intelligent technology and operational layer that brings the whole component of ecommerce together in a way that has an and done before.

Fulfillment is probably the most expensive thing for brands. We are the only company in the world to not just be a digital provider, but a physical operations provider.

This is our fulfillment center in Austin Texas. We're what's known as a 3pl or third party logistics provider. You know, we're making sure to scan every product, do one last quality control check before it goes into that package. Every customer's got a different set of packing guidelines, and it's up to these guys to follow those different SOPs and making sure we're bring that brand experience.

One of the superpowers of is our ability to move very quickly. Ecommerce is a space that is changing rapidly. We have to move as fast or faster than the market. We wanna a company where a brand didn't click a button and they can sell on any marketplace in the world. Click a button, connect their stores to their online experiences.

Click a button and sell internationally.

That is what