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Ohio fulfillment centers

A robust transportation infrastructure for efficient goods movement

With easy access to major markets in the Midwest and the East Coast, Ohio is an ideal location for ecommerce and retail order fulfillment distribution. Ohio’s well-developed transportation infrastructure, including a network of major highways and railroads, and its proximity to major ports on the Great Lakes facilitates the efficient movement of goods and materials.

Strategic Fulfillment in the Heartland

Ohio: the fulfillment hub of the Midwest

Ohio emerges as a key player in ecommerce and retail fulfillment, offering a unique combination of strategic location and robust infrastructure. With facilities like the 2.2 million square foot, fully automated Groveport center, Ohio is at the forefront of fulfilling consumer needs efficiently. Its proximity to major markets, well-developed transportation networks and access to major ports underline Ohio's position as a logistical powerhouse in the Midwest and the East Coast.

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Our 400,000 square foot facility in Columbus is served by a robust transportation network near major highways I-70, I-71 and I-270. This prime location facilitates easy movement of goods across the country. Within hours from major cities like Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, Columbus is an ideal location for cost-effective logistics. location Columbus


This massive 2.2M square foot, fully automated fulfillment facility is located in the center of Ohio and is adjacent to the Rickenbacker International Airport. In addition to its proximity to the airport, it’s near all major highways and railways, offering merchants excellent shipping options with broad reach across the nation.
Groveport Ohio2


A favorable location for third-party logistics, our 75,000 square foot order fulfillment center is located near the confluence of major interstate highways I-75, I-71 and I-74. This positioning provides a nationwide transportation hub for ecommerce and retail merchants.
Cincinatti Ohio2

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14 fulfillment warehouses across the country

Our network of strategically located facilities provides the speed, scalability and flexibility retailers need to deliver their brand experience.

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