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Fulfillment Technology

Better fulfillment starts with better software.

With proprietary order, inventory and warehouse management technology deployed alongside a variety of automated systems across our facilities, is leading the way in tech-enabled fulfillment. Beyond driving better outcomes for you and your customers, our cloud-based software gives you real-time visibility and control over orders, inventory and shipments so you can monitor and manage fulfillment operations anytime, anywhere.

From omnichannel order routing and inventory allocation to intelligent warehouse management and dynamic freight rates, our software is designed to drive precision and productivity at scale. With embedded AI features, hundreds of reports and government-grade security options, this software stack powers our 14 fulfillment and distribution centers while giving clients with deep business intelligence and operational control. Modern API-first architecture allows us to deeply integrate with your business systems as well as a diverse mix of automated solutions deployed in our facilities.

Complete visibility and control

View and manage orders, inventory and shipments in real time

Our order and warehouse management software gives you complete visibility and control over all orders, inventory and shipments. Our system allows you to modify order and inventory data, manage order routing and prioritization, view and manage inventory allocation by facility, channel and business type and monitor every aspect of your fulfillment operation with hundreds of off-the-shelf and customizable reports.  

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Order and Inventory Management

Seamless omnichannel order and inventory management

Our omnichannel order and inventory management software enables intelligent order routing and prioritization and inventory allocation and synchronization across channels, locations and destinations. Give your stores Buy Online Pick-up In Store and Ship From Store capabilities, equip your customer service agents with full access to and control over order and shipment data, ensure compliance with First In First Out and First Expired First Out rules and more.

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OMS WMS dashboard for apparel brands

Intelligent Warehouse Management

Driving fulfillment efficiency and accuracy at scale

Created for scalability and precision, our WMS powers day-to-day operations in our facilities, from receiving and put away to picking, packing and shipping to labor optimization. Native features like AI-powered pick pathing and robust reporting and business intelligence tools enable our team to optimize fulfillment decisions in real-time. A true omnichannel WMS, our system enables us to support D2C orders, marketplace orders, store replenishment, and wholesale orders all from the same facility, enabling you to streamline your fulfillment and distribution operation.


Transportation Management

Cut costs while delivering on your promises

Find the most economical path to meet your time in transit targets with our dynamic rate shopping and transportation management tools. Our strong carrier relationships further help to ensure optimal cost savings on parcels across dimensional weights. We work with our clients to find the best solutions and rates across the supply chain, thinking beyond just last-mile carrier pricing. 


Automation and Robotics

Diverse systems to support diverse client needs

Our facilities employ a variety of automated systems, enabling us to serve a diverse mix of clients while delivering outstanding SLAs. From Goods To Person (GTP) automations and Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) robots to continuous loop sortation systems and automatic bagging machines to put and pick to light, our facilities are equipped to handle high SKU count, high volume, high velocity profiles. All our facilities are also equipped to handle all your B2B and pallet distribution needs, including for items requiring special handling such as food, pharma and medical products.



Best-in-class security that protect your business and your customers

Working with some of the most celebrated brands and complex organizations in the world requires industry-leading cybersecurity options. As a result of our work with the U.S. federal government, for example, we are able to align with private and public sector security standards, including ISO, NIST, NSM-10 and DOD Zero Trust standards.


Modern, API-first architecture built to unify commerce

Constellation's API-first design ensures seamless connectivity with your existing ERP, WMS and marketing systems, allowing it to plug into your operation while unifying data from across the commerce value chain. Benefit from 24/7/365 support from our customer service team

Better Technology Means Happier Customers

Hear Arnie Cohen discuss the efficiencies's WMS created for J.P. Outfitters.


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