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B2B Commerce Platform

The ecommerce platform designed to transform your B2B portals

Upgrade your B2B and intracompany commerce experience with our digital commerce platform's powerful features. Equip your order portals with limitless customizations, multi-store capabilities, advanced product and price management, cashless ordering, sales and customer management tools and more!

An all-in-one platform

Native technology that lets you do it all from a single dashboard

Internal company portals

Company hierarchies

Company Associations allow customer records in a store to be grouped to an organizational hierarchy. This allows users of the company to see their whole group, assign managers and assign employees to those managers and so on. This feature set allows large organizations to moderate employee orders without the need for site admin access.

Manager order approvals

Managers of a Company can approve their employee’s orders per line item in an order as well as provide approve/reject reasons that are translated on the order and via email transactions. This is great for companies with mixed catalogs where only a manager knows if the order is ok to process.

Company reporting

Companies can log in to the front end of a store to see reporting on data related to their catalog. For example, how many orders/items/shipments over a period of time or even a full SKU list of commonly ordered items, quantity on hand, when to expect an item out of stock, value of goods in the warehouse and much more.

Credits & allowances

Employees often need allowances or credits provided by the Company to order items. With our platform, you can have complex rules such as time based intervals when credits are given or expire. Plus, you can implement mixed payment types to allow credit card and gift certificates in combination with credit allowances for full flexibility.

Ship To location management

Manage locations that you want employees to be limited to as ship-to addresses. Managed by the Company or by a web admin, these locations can be assigned to employees or managers as well as moderated in bulk with CSV or API imports.

Employee single sign on

Employee logins can be tied to systems managed by the Company so that users can log in seamlessly assuming they are already logged in to a work device. This allows easy customer creation vs manual as well as serve as an additional security layer to prevent old employees from accessing a portal.

Sales team enablement

Send custom quotes

Set a date for the quote to expire, add discounts, and custom comments for the customer to read, or private comments for internal viewing only. You can even create custom products and prices to account for services, freight costs or fees that are not actually in your store product catalog but need to be included and purchased through the quote.

Sales rep management

Create sales reps with access to accounts or access to certain orders depending upon permissions and who they are assigned to. Sales reps can send quotes, modify account information and be limited to accounts or orders managed by other reps. Sync reps with Salesforce for an even smoother commerce experience.

Quantity break discounts

Setup wholesale customers with unique pricing views so you don't have to manage separate stores or products to have a wholesale environment of which we also support. Advanced pricing rules are available at the product level and can modify standard and quantity based pricing based on the customer type that’s logged in to your store.

Bulk order catalog pages

Place large orders across multiple SKUs on a single page showcasing an entire catalog and all its product variants or combinations with a single add to cart function. This allows businesses who tend to make large purchase orders a much easier way to buy instead of navigating throughout the site going product by product to create their next order.

Two-Way salesforce integration

We sync orders, products, customers and cases with Salesforce with no middle-ware needed. Our integration covers two-way synchronization and allows custom fields and field objects to be mapped on demand by the administrator of the store.

Custom payment types

Create custom payment types to entire customer type groups such as pay in store, purchase orders, net terms, reward points, ACH, express payment method integrations or a multitude of off the shelf integrations with popular services such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Affirm, Klarna and more.

Enterprise access & security

PCI-DSS level 1

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. AmeriCommerce maintains its certification for all its users.

Cloud based solution

Our solution is hosted in GCP (Google Cloud Platform) where you can deploy and manage your store anywhere with internet access. We support thousands of online stores with multi-tenant infrastructure to allow scalable traffic and bandwidth allowing for the highest degree of uptime and security.

Cloudflare SSL & CDN

Cloudflare, the world’s largest CDN provider in the world stands in front of every visitor hitting your store’s services. Cloudflare manages the majority of our SSL certificates for each store while also providing routing capabilities to prevent DDOS and other common cybersecurity threats.

Whitelist/Blacklist by IP

We allow site admins control of IP addresses that can be accessed or not access your storefront environment. Great for companies that only want employees on wi-fi access to a store in a location or for companies that have complex security needs disallowing any bots to crawl their site from outside countries or regions.

User audits & permission control

Our deep permission levels allow Create, Read, Write and Delete functions for over 65 areas of the storefront environment. This level of security is even stronger when used in conjunction with our audit history showing every product, page, customer or order’s history and who changed what and when.

Full data retention flexibility

Manage how long you want to save information such as payment details, visitor session logs, customer information and more. This level of detail allows companies with complex security needs to validate data retention that meets their standards.

Full featured platform

Industry leading multi-store

Manage your customers, orders, shipping, products, transactions and all your daily sales activities while still having flexibility around payments, settings and themes. Connect 5, 10 or even thousands of online stores into your one instance for ease of use managing multiple stores with a single place with our industry leading Multi-Store technology.

Subscription management

Subscriptions are orders or individual products that automatically renew after a specified time as determined by the web admin or the end customer. Allow variations of subscription intervals, pause subscriptions, cancel or add to a subscription, email templates like reminders/notices and much more.

Gift certificates & ad codes

Gift certificates can be generated in bulk with varying code complexities that are defined by the web admin. These codes can be assigned to customers or not and be used commonly as rewards or for returns. Ad codes allow for rules to be applied when creating commonly used discounts like BOGO or free shipping.

Advanced discounts & promos

Discounts can have multiple triggers and actions as defined by the store administrator that allows flexibility most platforms can’t rival. Our discounts are known for accommodating almost any scenario a typical brand would ever encounter.

Rule engine automation

Our Rule Engine allows you the flexibility to create custom triggers on common events, set multiple conditions and define actions on what to do next. Perfect for managing workflows that are unique to your operations and able to be created with no code experience.

Customizable email templates

Create your own HTML templates for transactional and marketing emails to match your brand and messaging directly in the storefront’s admin. Each custom template can be assigned to various features of the platform to power reminders, notifications, confirmations, user credential invites and much more.


The best solution for B2B, wholesale and intracompany transactions

Offer personalized pricing, content, quotes and products with a rules engine that gives you full control of the customer experience. Accept cashless orders, allocate credits and reward points, segment experiences by division or geography, enable your sales team with B2B sales support tools and leverage advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities to tailor your B2B approach, ensuring each interaction is relevant and impactful for your customers. Commerce solutions that work for your business.

Wholesale solutions


Manage multiple storefronts from one platform

With the world's most powerful multi-store, you can run not just one, but thousands of unique online stores from a single admin. This allows you to offer unique experiences based on any number of variables such as customer type, customer geography, subsidiary or sub-brand or department or division. Manage your D2C or B2B storefront, themes, inventory, pricing orders, customers, users and more in one spot.
Multistore Software Functionality

Feature-Rich Platform

A platform with limitless customization

Our feature-rich platform has built-in capabilities that reduce the need for third-party apps and integrations. Popular native features include subscriptions, loyalty and rewards, multi-store, microstores, invoices, advanced discounting, customer type segmentation and custom payment methods. A completely customizable platform with full code access and expert web design and development services. software dashboard


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Trusted by customers nationwide

Elevating commerce with

We’re able to offer a more customized look, feel, and operation of stores than most of our other competitors. Our competitors are using a more generic platform that doesn’t offer the same flexibility that provides.

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