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Inventory and Demand Forecasting AI

Future-proof your inventory with AI that unlocks up to 55% more accurate forecasting

Realize the full potential of your supply chain with's proprietary Inventory and Demand Forecasting AI. With, go beyond traditional forecasting by combining your supply chain order data with your marketing data to predict demand with unprecedented accuracy. Easily connect your data to our platform and expose improvements in your demand and inventory planning that decreases costs, increases revenue and drives up to 20% higher margins.

Up to 55% more accurate inventory forecasting

Leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence

Supply chain and marketing data integration

Up to 20% margin optimization

Category planning

Broad platform integration capability

Stockout and excess inventory prevention

Real-time and future inventory modeling

Data Intelligence

Marketing + order data = a predictive model for your real-time and future inventory needs

Our solution intricately combines marketing analytics with real-time order data for a comprehensive demand model. By analyzing online and offline campaign metrics, social media trends, and ad spend efficiency, our AI can calculate the direct impact of marketing efforts on demand spikes and customer purchasing patterns, down to a SKU-level. Simultaneously, it analyzes historical order data to forecast future demand, giving you excess inventory and stock out awareness data with enhanced precision. This dual-data approach fortifies your strategy with a predictive model that is adept at turning information into actionable, revenue-maximizing insights.

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Strategic Growth

Optimize margins with data-driven decisions

Capitalize on the power of integrated data to boost your margins by up to 20%. Our Inventory and Demand Forecasting AI helps you maintain stock levels efficiently, preventing stockouts and excess inventory through strategic planning. With, you're not just managing your supply chain; you're optimizing it for maximal revenue growth and cost savings.
Optimize margins with AI insights

Hassle-free integration

A seamless synthesis of marketing and fulfillment data

Merge market engagement with supply chain data effortlessly. Our system simplifies the integration of online and offline channels, ad campaigns, and social media analytics into a unified forecasting model. It takes less than 40 minutes to integrate our platform with your operations, transforming data into a powerful tool for decision-making. hassle free integration

Ecosystem Insights

Unify your commerce chain with AI

With, siloed demand forecasting is a thing of the past. Our proprietary AI algorithm integrates insights across your entire supply chain and order funnel, offering a cohesive view of your operations. We bring together data from various segments, enabling every team within your organization to access and act on critical information, enhancing efficiency and driving growth. Our platform easily integrates with 30+ platforms: Google Analytics, online stores, POS data, Meta, LinkedIn, Criteo, TikTok and more, providing you with unified insights from your supply chain and marketing motion. Unified Commerce

Category planning

Use past insights to inform future product decisions

The data afforded by our AI capabilities not only helps with inventory planning of your current product suite, but can be used to determine best-fit new products. By using past insights of similar products and campaigns, our algorithm can be put to work to predict inventory needs for additional products. You'll not only maximize revenues but have the ability to grow your product offering. 

Strategic Advertising

Data science integrations

Integrations with top commerce and advertising partners

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