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Feed Marketing

Drive multichannel growth — all from one platform

Automate any product feed in 3 simple steps. Show your products on more than 2,000 available channels. Get top rated customer support among feed providers.

Feed Marketing Services Trusted by over 17,000+ brands worldwide

Proud to serve leading brands

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Feed optimization

Configure and optimize all your channel feeds in a few clicks

Manage all your data feeds in one platform and get complete control and flexibility over every attribute in your product feed. All channel requirements are pre-loaded so your data feeds will be automatically generated in the right format. We work with your ecommerce advertising feed for everything from Google shopping optimization services to ad creation and more. feed optimization software


Automate product feeds to make things easier & faster

New products in your shop are automatically added to the feed. Product feeds are updated and sent to your channels up to every hour. automation software

Product promotion

Turn product feeds into compelling text ads

Create powerful ads with an ad-pattern builder, generate unique keywords per product and optimize your bids based on price or margin. Your text ads will be automatically created for each and every item in your catalog. Ad Software


Update ads and keywords for thousands of products in minutes

Automatically generate ad groups and keywords and create unique responsive search ads while having complete control over your bidding strategy. Text ads and keywords are updated every time you add or remove a product. ad automation software

Integrations & advertising platforms

Integrations with leading platforms for enhanced solutions

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Trusted by customers nationwide

Elevating commerce with

  • When it comes to choosing a feed management provider, the #1 factor that helps me decide is customer support. They went above and beyond to help me get set up, and troubleshoot big issues.

    Joey Bidner

    Google Ads Expert, Bidner SEM

    Joey Bidner
  • With the unpredictability of Facebook on Shopify, this should be a tool every shop owner uses. It allows granular control and provides a safety net to ensure products are listed on all the different platforms.

    Steven Habel

    Founder/CEO, Kinsley Armelle

    Steven Habel
  • We have been working with Marvin from customer support and he is making the process very simple. He's always available for a call, taking us step-by-step as we are working through the internal feeds setups.

    Dana Mooney

    Marketing Specialist, Paper Label

    Dana Mooney

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