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Marketplace Management

Automate. Optimize. Expand.

List to all the top channels from one product workflow. Keep inventory up to date in real time across sales channels. Win the buy box and optimize your margins through repricing strategies. Manage order routing from all sales channels to 1st and 3rd party fulfillment locations in one place.

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I love that brings in all of the listings from each marketplace and doesn't require me to manually input every listing onto each platform. 

Thomas H
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Win the Amazon Buy Box 72% of the time

Automated repricing algorithm to keep prices competitive

Bulk marketplace listing functionality

Bulk editing of product data, quantities and prices

Stockout prevention tools and low inventory alerts

Intelligence informed listing opportunities

Inventory synching across all sales channels

Real-time shipping rate optimization across USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and more

View sales and orders from all marketplaces from one dashboard

User-friendly upload process that allow you to upload YOUR data in YOUR format

Amazon Repricing

Win the Buy Box & keep an eye on the competition

Nearly 80% of all Amazon sales come through the Buy Box. Our automated repricing engine finds the optimal price point for each product, helping our customers win the Buy Box on Amazon and Walmart 72% of the time on average.
Amazon Repricing Service

product listings at scale

Bulk marketplace listing so you can quickly and easily list products across marketplaces

Every marketplace has different requirements. From category selection to product and variation data, creating listings by marketplace can be tedious and frustrating. With, you can easily build listings for your products, and publish compliant listings out to Amazon, Walmart, eBay and more. Want to tweak product data, quantities or prices later? Marketplace Management makes it easy with individual listing and bulk operation editing. Bulk Marketplace Listing

inventory syncing

Multichannel inventory syncing for accurate inventory counts

No one likes running on empty. Out-of-stocks can affect your marketplace seller ranking; overselling can lead to account suspension. With’s powerful quantity synchronization, you’ll never have to worry about out-of-stock items or overselling again. Whenever a sale is made, your inventory is updated across all sales channels with lightning speed. For additional protection, set low stock thresholds that stop your products from ever reaching zero, and alert you when inventory is running low.

Multichannel Inventory Syncing

automatic order routing

Integrations with fulfillment and logistics providers and shipping partners so your products always end up in the right place

If you have stock in your own warehouses and with third party logistics companies like Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) or Flexport, will automatically route your orders to the right place, every time. Seamlessly manage your FBA orders and inventory using our Amazon integration, and use multi-channel fulfillment to send orders made on any channel to FBA. Ready to ship? Let our integrated partners provide you with the best deal in real-time by comparing USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and more. Link Marketplace Management's order management to our partners ShipStation, ShipWorks, Desktop Shipper and more to get orders out the door faster.

Automatic Order Routing

Reporting and Analytics

Visibility into all products and orders from one easy dashboard

Tracking sales and orders on multiple marketplaces individually doesn’t give you the whole picture. With reporting and analytics, you can keep track of what’s going out, and what needs re-ordering. See low stock at-a-glance from your account dashboard, or export reports quickly and easily.

Reporting and Analytics


Easy, intuitive uploads

Other marketplace management tools make their customers follow strict upload templates that require hours of work to get right. Our user-friendly upload process makes importing a breeze. Simply select your own file, then use our product data matching tool to ensure your product data aligns with our catalog. Whether you’re uploading a brand new set of items, or looking to update existing data (like quantity or price), makes importing fast, intuitive, and easy. software dashboard

Ecommerce Integrations

Integrations with top ecommerce platforms for enhanced marketplace solutions

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