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Constellation OMS

The distributed OMS that unifies orders and drives order volume's Constellation Order Management System (OMS) serves as a unified commerce platform, giving you full visibility and control of orders and inventory across channels and locations making it easy to merchandise products on hundreds of social and marketplace channels—all while keeping inventory in sync.


From omnichannel order and inventory management to multi-location orchestration and routing, from Buy Online Pick-up In Store capabilities to post-purchase customer engagement tools, from predictive order and inventory AI to multichannel product listing and catalog automation, Constellation OMS unifies commerce across every stage of the order lifecycle, from product discovery to order delivery. 

The next generation of order fulfillment

Learn what Constellation OMS can do

Connect the dots across channels and systems

Unified order, inventory and merchandising management — all in one place

Constellation OMS Unifying Commerce

Class-leading features

Power your business with complete control, analytics and insights

Visibility and Control

  • Gain complete order and inventory visibility and control alongside SKU-level insight across all channels and locations.
  • Easily merchandise products and publish product listing ads across hundreds of social and marketplace channels while keeping inventory in sync.
  • Take advantage of hundreds of reports and end-to-end analytics that track orders from product discovery to delivery.
  • Lower costs with native dynamic rate shopping and savings reporting.

Orchestration and Allocation

  • Intelligently route orders and allocate inventory to the optimal distribution center or store location while keeping inventory synchronized.
  • Power Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) and Buy Online Ship From Store (BOSFS) capabilities.
  • Easily re-assign or re-allocate orders and inventory and customize allocation logic across multiple facilities and stores.
  • Works across disparate Warehouse Management Systems. 

AI and Automation

  • Optimize commerce operations with AI-powered order demand and inventory forecasting.
  • Combines historical data and real-time signals from pre and post-purchase sources to minimize stock-out and over-stock situations.
  • Use our AI to optimize product pricing across channels in real-time to stay competitive and profitable.
  • Automatically build compliant product catalogs and descriptions for new channels using LLMs. 

Unification and Integration

  • Unite capabilities in a unified commerce platform that helps manage orders and drive order volume.
  • Access robust Order and Inventory Management features.
  • Drive sales with embedded product listing and listing management tools.
  • Optimize multichannel selling with pricing and catalog creation automations.
  • Optimize forecasting with order and inventory AI.
  • Integrate everything with our API-first architecture.

Our Integrations

Connecting with industry-leading tools

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Visibility and control

Complete omnichannel order and inventory management

Track, route, allocate and modify orders and inventory across channels, locations and destinations. Intelligent order routing and inventory allocation does the heavy lifting based on customizable logic. Full customer service capabilities that allow you to change orders, shipping method, re-route orders, modify priority and more. AI software

Drive Order Volume

Drive sales with merchandising tools and automations

More than an OMS, Constellation allows you to merchandise products on thousands of social and marketplace platforms with the click of a button. From powerful listing and product ad management tools to generative AI that automatically builds catalogs and product descriptions for new channels to pricing automation that dynamically adjusts prices across channels, our pre-purchase capabilities enable you to manage orders and grow order volume all in one place.


AI, BI and Analytics

Powerful predictive and descriptive insights

View it all from one intuitive dashboard that displays everything from inventory levels by location to precise order data. Instantly track every order and return, regardless of channel, destination or location, from start to finish. Change orders, shipping method or re-route final destinations and deliver on your promise of customer satisfaction. 

Transportation Management

Save costs with dynamic rate shopping

Optimize costs and navigate the complexities of transportation with dynamic rate shopping features and inbound and outbound package tracking, order-level shipping analytics and reporting designed to maximize cost savings. You'll not just move products, you'll move them smarter, faster and more economically. 


Industry-best security

Best-in-class security that protects your business and your customers

Working with some of the most celebrated brands and complex organizations in the world requires industry-leading cybersecurity options. As a result of our work with the U.S. federal government, for example, we are able to align with private and public sector security standards, including ISO, NIST, NSM-10 and DOD Zero Trust standards.

API-first Design

Modern architecture built to unify commerce

Constellation's API-first design ensures seamless connectivity with your existing ERP, WMS and marketing systems, allowing it to plug into your operation while unifying data from across the commerce value chain. Benefit from 24/7/365 support from our customer service team.


Our valued fulfillment customers

Proud to serve leading brands

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