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Unified Commerce Platform

Unifying siloed streams of commerce data

A comprehensive and holistic approach to retail that seamlessly integrates all channels and touchpoints and centralizes all marketing and customer supply chain data to create a cohesive shopping journey for customers.'s Constellation powers a Unified Commerce Platform to give its users complete visibility and control

What is unified commerce?

It unifies siloed streams of data and makes it more digestible by capturing both frontend and backend views of the customer, allowing businesses to build a better experience. In essence, it gives brands deep insights into consumer behavior, fueling cohesive experiences across all touchpoints. 

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The heartbeat of Unified Commerce

By leveraging Constellation all your data is at your fingertips

Constellation supplies upstream marketing data with downstream fulfillment and transportation analytics to give a full 360% view. 

With Constellation, you can view the entire lifecycle of an order

Why choose unified commerce

Better fulfillment starts with better software.

Unified sales channel data

Data from all sales channels - brand website, brick-and-mortar POS, marketplace channels - is brought together.

Customer engagement centralization

Centralization of all all customer engagement data including: clicks on ads, email opens, online add-to-cart and in-store actions.


Insights gained from unified commerce data can be leveraged into a truly personalized experience for every customer, allowing brands to deliver customized messages or calls-to-action.

Accuracy & efficiency

Brands can see how inventory is moving. This allow sinformation across channels to be more accurate than ever. Stock information and pricing will be consistent for customers, and brands can predictively move inventory where needed.

Better fulfillment starts with better software. is Unified Commerce

We’re the leading provider of unified commerce and logistics solutions that enable D2C and B2B companies to sell and fulfill anywhere their customers are. Our enterprise-grade software, services and logistics infrastructure, including its own network of fulfillment and distribution centers. Here are just some of the offerings that form a unified commerce solution.

Constellation OMS's Constellation Order Management System (OMS) gives you full visibility and control of orders and inventory across channels and locations, making it easy to merchandise products on hundreds of social and marketplace channels—all while keeping inventory in sync.

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Omnichannel Fulfillment

With over 8.5 million square feet of warehouse space across the nation and an expert team, we handle pick and pack, transportation management, direct-to-consumer, direct-to-retailer, direct-to-wholesaler and support all your logistics needs, with every order.

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Inventory and Demand Forecasting AI

Our proprietary AI algorithm integrates insights across your entire supply chain and order funnel. We bring together data from various segments with integrations with 30+ platforms: Google Analytics, online stores, POS data, Meta, LinkedIn, Criteo, TikTok and more, providing you with unified insights from your supply chain and marketing motion.

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B2B Commerce Platform

An all-in-one platform that lets you do it all from a single dashboard: equip your order portals with limitless customizations, multi-store capabilities, advanced product and price management, cashless ordering, sales and customer management tools and more!

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Commerce Services

Growth marketing, customer engagement, ecommerce optimization and marketplace services. Our commerce services are proven to enhance brand growth across industries and verticals.

Unified Commerce Ebook

Learn how to scale your business with a unified commerce solution

Our latest ebook is a step-by-step guide to executing a unified commerce strategy.

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Integrations & advertising platforms

Integrations with leading platforms for enhanced solutions

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Trusted by customers nationwide

Elevating commerce with

  • When it comes to choosing a feed management provider, the #1 factor that helps me decide is customer support. They went above and beyond to help me get set up, and troubleshoot big issues.

    Joey Bidner

    Google Ads Expert, Bidner SEM

    Joey Bidner
  • With the unpredictability of Facebook on Shopify, this should be a tool every shop owner uses. It allows granular control and provides a safety net to ensure products are listed on all the different platforms.

    Steven Habel

    Founder/CEO, Kinsley Armelle

    Steven Habel
  • We have been working with Marvin from customer support and he is making the process very simple. He's always available for a call, taking us step-by-step as we are working through the internal feeds setups.

    Dana Mooney

    Marketing Specialist, Paper Label

    Dana Mooney

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