Holistic ecommerce performance analytics

Compare time periods

Analyze seasonality and periodic impacts on sales with metrics comparisons, including month-over-month, month-to-date, year-over-year, year-to-date and other custom ranges with flexible ecommerce data analytics.

Identify sales trends

Use ecommerce performance analysis to slice traffic sources, devices and customer demographics to uncover drivers of online orders and revenue.

Centralize your data

Avoid logging into multiple systems and data sources to get the information you need. Manage all of your ecommerce analytics in a single location.

Know when, where and why your customers convert

Get key insights from your storefront website like order history, product penetrations and customers with data for customer acquisition, customer retention, customer lifetime value (CLV), geographical trends and seasonality.

Simple integrations

Integrate seamlessly with numerous CRMs and digital payment methods to keep all your important data in one place.

Accelerate engagement

Custom workflows put offers where they have the most impact for your store: product pages, shopping carts, post-purchase screens, emails or apps.

Win back lost conversions

Use customer session history data like "abandoned cart" to your advantage as a marketing tool, encouraging shoppers to return and convert.

Built-in email marketing

Use time intervals and specific actions to start a series of emails that inform, educate, promote and sell your customers.