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Billing for Cart Carriers

If you decided to save up to 88% on shipping labels, learn about you get billed and invoiced here

Cart's carrier accounts are a great way to save BIG on shipping costs. When using these accounts, Cart.com will bill you for any shipping labels you purchase.

  • Opt-in to Cart shipping carriers either on the purchase label page or in shipping settings
  • Buy a shipping label
  • Pay for the shipping label - Cart will send you an invoice with the shipment # using the label you purchased and charge your existing card on file
    • Cart will charge your card every $200 of labels purchased or every month, whichever comes first. 



  • Can I use Cart's carrier accounts and my own at the same time?

Unfortunately not. If you're using Cart's carrier accounts, you can't have yours enabled as well

  • How do I get a refund for labels I don't use?
Reach out to Cart.com support for refunds and invoice disputes