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Blank Buy Boxes and Incorrect Pricing

There could be a few reasons why you do not see a Buy Box price or your pricing data is displaying as outdated.

  1. The most common reason is that your item has been inactive on the marketplace for longer than 30 days.
    • Marketplace Management does need available quantity in order to properly review the incoming market data of your competition and reprice your item effectively. 
  2. Another common situation is that your pricing strategy may not have accurate competition. If you have an Algorithmic Buy Box strategy but your Amazon listing does not have a Buy Box, your item might be set to your Preferred Price or sit at your Minimum Price. Finally, sometimes your item might not have a Pricing Strategy at all attached to it.
    • If Amazon Marketplace suppresses your listings Buy Box we will not get the data to display a Buy Box price and will default your listings price to the Preferred Price.

If you are consistently getting your Amazon product's Buy Box suppressed, try setting a rule-based pricing strategy as a fallback option on your Algorithmic Buy Box Strategy. 

Attempt a "Penny Push" to Restart Marketdata

Marketplace Management is a "trigger-based" system so whenever the quantity or price is changed, we will trigger an update to the marketplace.

  • Change your product's price by a $0.01 either up or down to trigger the system into pulling in the most up-to-date Marketdata

Please note there are factors that are out of Marketplace Management's control.

  • Marketdata not being provided by the Marketplace for your product 
  • The item being out of its sale date (Walmart)
  • Amazon suppressing your Buy Box (try lowering the price) 

DO NOT make price changes directly on the Marketplace when you have pricing enabled in Marketplace Management. Only make price changes using the Marketplace Management app.