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Cart Bring Your Own Carrier Shipping Labels Management Beta

Join Cart.com's shipping management beta!

Cart is excited to give you a better way to ship orders from the same place you already manage orders, products and listings. It's easy! Connect your carrier accounts, buy shipping labels in bulk, and have the tracking information instantly updated in the sales channel

Beta spots are limited so, please express interest by opting in to they in-app survey or the survey below. We will reach out to all beta customers when beta starts and host webinars to help you get started.

Beta opt-in survey

How does the shipping beta work?

  • Join shipping beta! We'll do live demo's and host Q&A sessions for beta members
  • Connect your UPS, DHL, or FedEx Account in shipping settings
  • Assign a carrier to you're warehouses(s) - this allows us to get shipping rates for you're orders
  • Assign a packages to you're warehouse(s) - Tell us what packages you use in your warehouse and we'll only getting shipping rates for those packages
  • Select order(s)
  • Buy shipping labels - you can buy up to 100 shipping labels at a time

It’s that easy. Your orders will automatically show up if you’ve already connected a sales channel. Each time you print a shipping label, we’ll instantly update the channel with tracking information. If you connect multiple carriers, we'll show rates from each so you can use the best rate possible.


The pricing during beta is 2 cents per label. You'll be manually invoiced monthly. 

We'll have a demo video available within the coming weeks

Here's what else you can do

  • Print packing slips
  • Print shipping labels
  • Track shipments
  • Export orders
  • Rate shop


When does beta start?

  • The beta program is live and accepting invites

How long will the beta program last?

  • We don't currently have an end date but expect it to last until August 31, 2023 at the earliest

What else can I do with the new orders and shipping experience?

  • You can search and filter for orders, print packing slips, export orders, and edit shipping addresses. Adding tracking numbers to shipments manually is also available 
Do I need to connect my channel orders?
  • Since you're already using Marketplace management (Seller Active), your orders will automatically show up.
What if I need help or have questions?
  • Reach out to your support rep and we'll set up a time to meet with you