Categorizing your items per individual listing

If your products are created and established correctly within Marketplace Management, we will attempt to gather a publishing category for your listing automatically. If we cannot gather the category or if your do not have a valid Product attached to your Products, you will need to manually add the categories to your listings. 

Amazon, eBay, and Walmart require a category to be assigned to your listings. If you do not assign a category then your listing will be marked "Incomplete" and you cannot continue the process. 

You can categorize your products two ways: Through the SKU window after selecting an individual SKU (one by one) or from within the Listings Workspace (in bulk). This workflow will show you how to assign the categories one by one. 

1. You can adjust the category at any time by clicking the SKU from either the Products Workspace or the Listings workspace. If you are reviewing the Listings workspace you can click the "Product" tab to see the SKU and the categories attached to it. 

2. Select the Category option for either Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. You can use the quick search or you can open the various categories within the dropdown list. 

  • You cannot select more then one category for a given listing on a single marketplace. 
  • If the category options are grey then they cannot be selected. You must select the options that are in blue font. 

3. Select your Category and you will now see all of the required options for that category. You can fill out all missing fields through the SKU Window again (which are highlighted by a red icon) or you can update those fields via the Product Import process. Once the missing product information has been successfully added, you can then attempt to publish your items again. You can then proceed with the publishing process!


Can I assign new categories to items that have already been categorized?

You can override the categories that are within our system after they have already been categorized. These new category selections will not impact the marketplace unless you explicitly Publish the listings through the Listings Workspace or the SKU Window (under Listings). 

I don't see the category I want to select within this list. What should I do?

Marketplace Management is always looking to improve our category trees however we cannot control how often the sales channel will update their available options. We advise submitting a request to Marketplace Management support and we can submit a request to have the category added with a future release. 

For immediate resolution, we do advise adapting your choice to a different, already visible, category. 

Why do I not see any category options for the other Amazon sites, eBay Motors, Shopify, etc.?

At this time Marketplace Management can list to AmazonUS, eBay, and Walmart through our publishing process in the user interface. We do plan on adding more integrations in the future but at this time if you can't categorize to that sales channel, you might need a different process. 

We do allow you to list to AmazonCA, AmazonUK, etc. through a flat-file process. For more information on that workflow, please reference this article.