Dynamic Maximum and Dynamic Minimum pricing boundaries

In lieu of calculating your minimum and maximum prices manually, you can use our dynamic minimum and maximum price feature. This will allow Marketplace Management to calculate your price boundaries based on the variables you select. You can also add a static price or percentage on top of the variable you select within each strategy. 





These dynamic boundaries will only be created and adhered too if the product has a pricing strategy attached to it. 

Variables that can be used for Dynamic pricing:

For information on how to import these variables, read more here.

  • Product Cost
  • Product Cost + Channel Fees
    • Amazon channel fees are imported over time based on when Amazon provides the financial details
    • Walmart commission fees are based on category
    • ebay fees are variable
  • Product + Fulfillment Cost + Channel fees
    • Non- FBA Fulfillment Cost is manually applied to the product.
    • FBA Fulfillment Costs leverage this Amazon fee table
  • MAP Price
  • Retail Price


To calculate the estimated dynamic minimum price:

((Cost + Fulfillment Cost) x 1.profitmargin) / (1-variablefee) = Dynamic Min

Example 1:

    • Cost $9
    • Fulfillment Cost $1
    • Variable ebay fee: 15%
    • Min profit margin: 15%

((9 + 1) x 1.15) / (1-.15)= $11.5/.85 = $13.53 dynamic min

Example 2:

    • Cost $7.46
    • Fulfillment Cost $0
    • Variable ebay fee: 10%
    • Min profit margin: 10%

((7.46+0) x 1.1)/(1-.1)= $8.206/.9 = $9.12 dynamic min

Can I have more then one variable apply to my Dynamic Minimum or Maximum price? 

At this time you cannot have more then one Dynamic Minimum or Maximum dictate the dynamic calculation on a single Pricing Strategy.

What happens if I apply the strategy but the SKU doesn't have the variable or Product Cost added to it?

If the variable or Product Cost is not assigned to the product, then Marketplace Management will default to the standard Maximum or Minimum price that was previously assigned. A quick way to reference situation is if the Dynamic value matches exactly to the static Minimum/Maximum value in the Listing Workspace. 

How do I know if I don't have a strategy that is using Dynamic Minimums or Maximums? 

You can confirm this from within the SKUPane (The Listings tab) or from the Listings Workspace. If these fields are blank then your pricing strategy is not taking these into consideration. 


Listing Workspace:

I have assigned a strategy that uses Channel Fee's. These fee's don't appear to be correct? 

Marketplace Management references the FBA fee report that is sent to us by Amazon. If the strategy was recently applied or if there hasn't been a recent order for the ASIN, we might not have been provided those fee's yet. As a precautionary measure we automatically assign a 15% fee to the dynamic calculations on your behalf. Once the actual fee's import into our platform then that will replace the previously used 15%. We expect all Amazon fee's to import within 24 hours. 

At this time we do not import fees from eBay or Walmart or any other sales channel. 

Can I adjust the Dynamic Maximum or Minimum with a file import or upload? 

You cannot edit the specific dynamic Maximum or Minimum price through an upload even though those values are included within our exports. You can process an upload to change the Dynamic variables but not the dynamic prices themselves.