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Getting Started with Unified Analytics

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Accessing Unified Analytics

New Customers

New to Cart.com? Book time with our account teams here to explore how Unified Analytics can help you make the best decisions for your brand.

Existing Cart.com Customers

We would love to explore how Unified Analytics can help you get the most out of Cart.com. Please reach out to your account representative to discuss, or submit a help ticket here

What to Expect: Unified Analytics Onboarding

Cart.com makes it easy to get up and running on Unified Analytics. We’ll integrate with all of your supported data sources and stand up your account.

Adding New Data Connectors

Cart.com makes it easy to connect all of your data in one place with frictionless onboarding for your marketing channels, storefront sites, and fulfillment data.

  1. Sign into the Cart Console and launch Unified Analytics.

  2. Navigate to All Connectors via the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

  3. Click the corresponding, blue "Add" button to set up connectors for each of your desired data sources. Depending on the connector, you will either be prompted to authenticate into your account or generate an API key.

  4. Please allow time for your data to populate in Unified Analytics.

Problems with a connection? Submit a ticket and we will be in touch ASAP.

DIY Data Connector Library

The connectors below include only those supported natively through the Unified Analytics user interface. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check out the section below for additional connectors that are available upon request. If you still don't see what you're looking for, submit a ticket here. We can provide custom integrations with many other platforms.




Cart Products

All Cart products pertaining to your Unified Analytics purchase will be connected as you onboard.

Google Ads

Optimize your campaign budgets, find the right audiences, and drive more revenue by connecting your Google Ads data with other sources.

Google Analytics

Gain immediate insights into your web performance metrics so you can better understand customers and assess the performance of your content.

Google Search Console

Monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results by integrating your site data into a unified experience.


Integrate your Facebook Ads performance data, such as campaigns and spending, into a single view that uncovers trends across marketing channels.

Amazon Seller Partner

Analyze your Amazon data as one of your many sales channels in a multi-channel merchandising strategy.


Connect your email marketing statistics to better understand target audiences, campaign effectiveness, and subscriber behavior.


Target, personalize, measure, and optimize email and Facebook campaigns from a list of best practice metrics provided by your Klaviyo account.


Compile your reports about contacts, blogs, lead sources, and pipeline management to understand open rates and leads for campaigns.

Additional Data Connectors

The Data Connectors listed below are available upon request:


  • Amazon Ads​
  • Bing Ads​
  • TikTok​
  • Snapchat​
  • LinkedIn​
  • YouTube Ads​
  • Pinterest​​​
  • Hubspot​
  • Twitter​

Web Analytics​​

  • Search Metrics​​
  • Bing Web Master​
  • YouTube Analytics

Sales Analytics

  • Shopify​

Fulfillment Analytics

  • Shiphero​


Need more connectors? Reach out here to request a custom connector.