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Migrating Your Amazon from Feed Marketing?

If you are migrating Amazon from Feed Marketing, we have built a series of short videos to help you get started.

To get started, just watch the videos below in the order they are presented. 

Please note:

  • Marketplace Management only publishes listings to Amazon US, eBay US, and Walmart US.
  • Marketplace Management does, however, sync price and quantity to all integrations available in Marketplace Management (Supported Amazon channels include US, CA, DE, ES, FR, IT, MX and UK).
  • Login with your Cart.com credentials and select Marketplace Management from the top drop-down menu: https://console.cart.com/login 

1) The first video will walk you though the Amazon integration and crucial settings for going live.


2) Next, you will learn how to navigate through the Marketplace Management Landscape.

Once you are live, we have created 2 short videos on troubleshooting Price and Quantity in Marketplace Management with a few common scenarios and how to resolve them.

3) Troubleshooting quantity issues In Marketplace Management.

4) Troubleshooting pricing issues in Marketplace Management.


If you have further questions or would like to know more about the capabilities of Marketplace Management, please email CartChannels-Onboarding@cart.com.