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Cart Order Status Definitions

Read this article to understand what the different types of order status are and the status means

This article covers order statuses for Cart Order Management.

In this article:

Order Statuses

  • Pending - The order has been created but not paid or ready to start fulfllment.
  • Processing - The order has been created and paid, but not fulfilled.
  • Canceled - the order has been canceled and should not be fulfilled.
  • Completed - all order items have been fulfilled.
  • Error - this order status is can be caused by multiple actions and tells you there is a problem with the order.

Order Fulfillment Statuses

  • Unfulfilled - none of the order items have been added to shipments or shipped.
  • Partially Fulfilled - some but not all order items have been added to shipments and are being fulfilled.
  • Fulfilled - all order items have been fulfilled by being placed in a shipment. Please note, you'll need to check the shipment status to see when the package was delivered.
  • On hold - the order fulfillment workflow has been set as on hold by an external system such as Shopify or Shipstation.
  • Exception - a fulfillment error has occurred. This status is set by an external system such as Shopify or Shipstation. For additional information, please investigate your fulfillment system.

Shipment Statuses

  • Awaiting pickup - a shipping label for the package has been created but the carrier hasn't picked the package up yet.
  • In transit - the carrier has picked up the package and can provide an estimated delivery date.
  • Delayed - the carrier is experiencing delays so the shipment will arrive late.
  • Notice left - the carrier left notice for the shopper to arrange pickup or reattempt delivery.
  • Available for pickup - the shipment is available for pickup at the carriers physical location.
  • Out for delivery - the shipment is out for delivery and should be delivered on the current date.
  • Delivered - the shipment has successfully been delivered to the shopper.
  • Exception - Exceptions can be caused by multiple events. Here's a list of exception reasons:
    • Address issue
    • Contact carrier
    • Delivery attempted
    • Location inaccessible
    • Reschedule delivery
    • Package held
    • Package damaged
    • Return to sender
    • Package unclaimed
    • Package disposed
    • Package undeliverable
    • Package lost
    • Other



Why does the order status relate to items being in shipments, but the shipments not being delivered?

  • In some cases, order don't have a tracking number or that tracking number isn't shared so Cart doesn't have visibility into when its delivered. In those cases, we would never know if an order is fulfilled so we set the status to fulfilled because even if tracking isn't available, being in a shipment means the items have been shipped and are pending delivery.