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Quantity FAQs - When will my listings be imported into Marketplace Management?

Here are some common first questions you might have when working with Marketplace Management for the first time.

Will my listings automatically import from our integrated marketplaces?

One of the first steps you should take when you start with Marketplace Management is to integrate your associated marketplaces. Once integrated, we will automatically import all Active listings from the marketplace and establish not only a marketplace line within the Listings workspace but we will also create a Marketplace Management product.

Retired items on Walmart will not be imported automatically. If you would like these items in Marketplace Management they need to be un-retired and then re-imported. 

  • We import full inventory files from the marketplace every 24 hours by default. If you list new items on the marketplace directly, they will be imported on this timed schedule.
    • You can prompt a full inventory file at any time within the integration tile and select "Import"
  • If your eBay listings are failing to import it could be that you have Duplicate SKUs (Custom Labels). Check the notification center for errors.  

When I first integrate my marketplaces, will the quantity from the marketplace overwrite what is in Marketplace Management?

If you have a product and SKU within Marketplace Management before the listing is integrated, Marketplace Management’s quantity will be assigned to the newly imported listing. The Price and Quantity sync setting must be active for that specific marketplace in order for us to send outbound communication.

Can I update the quantity on the marketplace and have that update Marketplace Management?

That is not the typical workflow however we can set the account in order to import quantities from the marketplace, update Marketplace Management, and in turn update all of your other marketplaces.

  • This setup will follow the same 24 hours import schedule from the marketplace so if you adjust the quantity on the marketplace there will be a delay before it is updated within our system
  • We cannot import Prices from the marketplace. If you want Price or Cost to update Marketplace Management on an automated basis then your best route would be through an FTP.
    • You can contact your Account Consultant for more information.