The available reports have recently changed. What is different?

Marketplace Management is excited to deliver more valuable reports with data and insights relevant to your business. Our first step is bringing the existing reports up to speed with the rest of our new app that launched in 2019.

As part of this transition and evaluation, in April 2020, some reports got a facelift, some had their functionality moved to more relevant areas within Marketplace Management and others were removed completely when we discovered they didn't meet our customers‚Äô needs. 

Learn more about the new reports and how previously available reports have transitioned. 

Available Reports:

  • Profit by Product (New): This report shows how each product has performed over the last thirty days.  You can group products to quickly see how a product performs across all selling channels. Data for the last 30 days can be exported and the ability to export expanded date ranges to meet customer needs is coming.
  • Profit by Channel (New): This report shows how each sales channel is performing and compare the data across all sales channels. You can search by individual orders to see their profitability or group by sales channel to see an aggregate comparison. Data for the last 30 days can be exported and the ability to export expanded date ranges to meet customer needs is coming.
  • Buy Box: The buy box report remains mostly unchanged.

Previously Available Reports:

  • Orders: The Orders report has been replaced by the Profit By Product report. 
  • Buy Box: The Buy Box report remains mostly unchanged and is still available.
  • Price: The Price report has been replaced by detailed pricing histories on each of the listings. To view a listing's price history, open the SKU editor for that product, go to the listing you‚Äôd like to view and click the history link.
    • CLICK HERE For more information on our Pricing History page
  • Listings: The listings report was primarily used to determine if a product was listed on the channel already or not. This can be accomplished from the Listings workspace by exporting all listings and sorting by the SKU and then the channel. We‚Äôre looking at ways to let you know what listing opportunities you have for each product from the Products workspace.
  • FBA Fees: The FBA fees are now available in the Profit by Channel report by clicking on the info icon in the fee column.
  • Bundles: The intention of the Bundle report was to provide a way to easily export your bundle relationships in order to edit and import the changes back into Marketplace Management. Instead, we have provided this ability from the Export function on the Products Workspace.
  • Low Stock: The Low Stock report has been relegated to the Low Stock filter on the Products Workspace. However, you may now specify at what point each product should be included in that filter. To do so, enter the Low Stock Threshold amount per product in the Inventory tab of the SKU editor. When a product's inventory level drops below this amount, it will show up when the Low Stock filter is selected.

  • Purchase History and Purchase Queue: These reports didn't meet most of our customer's needs and have been removed. We will be looking to bring back an improved version of Purchase Order Creation in the future.

  • Sales: The Sales report has been replaced by the Profit By Channel report. If you temporarily need access to the previously available Sales report, please reach out to and provide the reason and how you're using this report.
  • Errors: The errors report was primarily used to view and fix eBay listing errors. Those errors can now be found on the individual listings that they belong to. To see all listings with errors, go to the Listings Workspace and click the error filter. 
  • Exports: Order information over 30 days will not include personally identifiable information (PII) about buyers due to data protection policies. The export report from the Orders workspace will contain up to the last 150 days of orders.