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Troubleshooting Quantity and Price synchronization with eBay

If you notice that prices and quantities are not updating eBay there are steps that you can take to find a solution.

When Prices or Quantities are not applying in eBay, or new eBay listings are not importing into Marketplace Management, this will direct you through the appropriate steps to identify and address the issue. These are the same steps Marketplace Management‚Äôs Support Team uses for optimal results. 

Confirm that the Marketplace Management eBay integration is active and for the correct eBay or eBay Motors setup

  • Confirm that your eBay seller account is not suspended.
  • When looking at listing on eBay, see if the ‚ÄúMotor‚Äù part of any of the category names
    • It is easy to confuse these two integrations but we consider these as separate marketplaces. This is very common with missing orders within our platform
  • Check if the eBay integration is on and connected, or the eBay Motors integration if the above is true. Confirm Marketplace Management/eBay integration is functional:

  • Click the bottom Save button and check for red text indicating anything other than ‚Äúsettings saved‚Äù.
  • Click Import Latest
    • On the left, clicking "Import Latest" is the best way to check for duplicate SKUs. This is the most common error that you might run into. 

Check for duplicate SKU interference - *This is the most common reason for eBay listings not importing into Marketplace Management*

  • 20 minutes after importing, open or refresh the Notifications page as this will highlight the full inventory file for review. 
  • If there is a duplicate SKUs warning from eBay, check it‚Äôs dated today. Older notifications will not be removed automatically however a new notification should replace the older notification. 
  • A recent duplicate SKU notification should be addressed by following the steps in our Fix Duplicate SKUs article.

      Examine the individual listing for errors and discrepancies

      • If importing a listing, is it live on eBay directly?
        • Out-of-stock listings won‚Äôt be pulled into Marketplace Management.
      • Check the eBay site to confirm it exists there with the identical SKU as in Marketplace Management
      • Is this a variation item? 
        • It is common for older variation items to be removed or adjusted on the marketplace directly. It is important to make sure that if you were to remove a variation item you will perform that action within Marketplace Management and on the marketplace. 
      • Check your listings for item-level errors in bulk within eBay directly
      • If the listing in question is older or if it has been out of stock for a long period of time, it could be that the eBay Item ID is out of date and we haven't been updated with a new eBay Item ID. Prompting an Import will solve this problem. 
      • If it was recently out of stock, is Enable Automatic Relisting turned on?

        • Settings -> Integrations -> eBay
        • If this setting is not enabled and you are moving from a quantity of zero to above a quantity of zero, this is the most common situation. 


      For assistance with creating listings on eBay rather than troubleshooting existing ones, see this article.


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