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Unified Analytics FAQ

Q: I need help. How can I get my questions answered?

You can access submit a ticket and/or access our Knowledge Base using the "Help" widget in the bottom right corner of your screen in Unified Analytics. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


Q: Can I still use Cart Pixel and Unified Analytics if I don’t have other Cart products?

Yes, we can help you deploy the Pixel to other properties and in many cases can provide the full functionality of Unified Analytics to customers without other Cart products. Submit a ticket or reach out to your account rep and we’ll work with you to scope this.


Q: How do I know my data is being refreshed accurately?

A: Navigate to the "Data Connectors" tab in the left navigation panel. In the Connectors table, you can see the last time data from each connect was refreshed. If you are signed into Cart Console, you can access it here.


Q: How often is my data refreshed?

A: Most data connectors refresh every 24 hours. Have a use case where you need faster refresh? No problem - contact your account rep for assistance.


Q: What data sources am I able to connect?

A: You can find our current list of data connectors here.


Q: What if I want to connect data from a source not listed?

A: Please submit a support ticket or reach out to your account rep. In many cases, we are able to accommodate these requests.


Q: Where can I find legal information regarding privacy and compliance?

A: Please read Cart's privacy policy here