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VIDEO: Handling Multiple Integrations

How Marketplace Management can handle more than one sales channel integration (i.e. 2 Shopify stores)

There are some restrictions to this process so please review our FAQ area or reach out to our Support Team for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will quantities automatically be in sync automatically when I enable this feature?

No, your quantities will not be in sync immediately when this relationship is established. You must request to have quantity sync enabled between your secondary Marketplace Management accounts. Once established, any quantity updates within your Primary/Parent account will reflect in your other accounts. When submitting your request you can ask Marketplace Management  Support at the same time.


  • Your SKU's match between your accounts
  • You have the same Fulfillment Centers in both accounts and they are assigned to the same SKU's

Can we publish listings from the main account into the child account?

At this time you can publish to all of your connected Marketplace Management accounts while logged into the Primary/Parent account. There is no "publish to all accounts" option/button from within the main account but you can use the "Switch Accounts" feature to move freely between the Marketplace Management accounts. 

Leveraging the information from the Primary/Parent account (via a product export), you can quickly publish to the secondary accounts. 

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Can we sync FBA SKU's across multiple integrations?

At this time you cannot sync FBA SKU's across multiple Marketplace Management accounts. You can integrate the same Amazon store within the second Marketplace Management account but that might not be the best option for your workflow. 

For more assistance, please reach out to our Support team for more information.  

Can price or quantity adjustments in my secondary accounts impact the main account?

If you do have the quantity sync established, we advise performing all quantity adjustments within your main account. Any quantity adjustments made within the secondary account would not "bubble up" to the main account. 

The prices in all of your accounts would stay unique so you would want to update those uniquely in each account. At this time we cannot send Prices from the Parent/Primary account to the secondary accounts.