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VIDEO: How to Create a Bundle for Mismatched SKUs and Multi-Packs in Marketplace Management

Got mismatched SKUs or Multi-Packs that need bundling in Marketplace Management? Here‚ is a video that shows you how to do it.

In this video

  • How to create a bundle association for mismatched SKUs
  • How to create a bundle association for multi-pack products



This tutorial will focus on the alternative scenarios where bundling may be useful for your products.

Creating a Bundle with Mismatched SKUs

The first scenario focuses on mismatched seller SKUs. As a SKU-based system, Marketplace Management requires that your products be listed to the various channels using the same SellerSKU. This allows our system to sync quantity, among other benefits. If your SellerSKUs do not match across channels, you have the option of bundling these SKUs with a 1 to 1 relationship.

This process is identical to the normal process for creating a bundle. You have the option to make a bundle association via our user interface, or by bulk, using the bundles template. The key difference here is that the amount per bundle multiplier will be set to 1, so that for every quantity added to the individual component, that quantity will sync to the mismatched SKU.

To accomplish this, find the two products that require bundling in our products workspace. Click on the mismatched SKU that will become the bundle SKU, keeping in mind that the primary SKU for quantity updates will become the individual component. Click on bundle and add the individual SKU with an amount per bundle set to 1. You have now connected the mismatched SKUs and their quantity will now be controlled by the individual SKU.

Creating a Bundle with Multi-Pack Products

Our second scenario involves multi-pack products. If you sell products in multi-packs, bundling these items to your single-pack products will provide accurate quantity sync depending on the individual quantity available. Find the multi-pack item in our product workspace, click on the SKU again and then bundle. Insert the single-pack product SKU and provide the correct multi-pack quantity in the amount per bundle field. Your multi-pack product will now be controlled by the quantity of the individual product SKU.

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