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VIDEO: Introduction to Workspaces

An intro to Marketplace Management’s three Workspaces: Products (where you’ll create new products and edit existing data), Listings (where you can edit sales channel content) and Orders (where you can view and update orders).

In this video

  • Understanding the Products Workspace
  • Understanding the Listings Workspace
  • Understanding the Orders Workspace
  • How to get help



Hello and welcome to the first of many product videos that will outline changes happening in the Marketplace Management platform.

Updates to Marketplace Management’s User Experience

If you are coming from our previous application, you will notice a drastic change in the layout and navigation of the new app.

If you are completely new to Marketplace Management, rest assured that we have released this product with you in mind, deriving key product updates based upon the experience of our users in the previous application.

The most important change is the removal of our pricing manager and the separation of your catalog data into Product and Listing Workspaces.

How to use the main navigation toolbar

You’ll first notice that our navigation toolbar has moved to the left hand of your screen and features a slide out panel for quick access. We want to give you more control over your catalog data, so we’ve created multiple Workspaces for you to drill down into the specifics.

Understanding the Products Workspace

Our first stop will be in the Products Workspace, where you will be focusing on creating new products, as well as fine-tuning your existing product data and inventory levels. A column chooser is available to you for viewing different data points, and features dynamic customization by dragging, dropping, and resizing the table according to your preferences.

We’ve also created a SKU Pane for modifying your product data within the user interface. This is accessed by clicking on the SKU in the first column. With the slide-out SKU Pane, you will find a host of different fields for modifying your product data. If you would rather make changes to this data in bulk, we do have an export option above the data grid that can be modified and imported back into the platform.

Understanding the Listings Workspace

The Listings Workspace allows you to drill down into the products you have listed on the various channels we support. Here, you will have full control over pricing, quantities, market data, and more.

You will notice some similarities between the two Workspaces. Most importantly, the SKU Pane is accessible [from the Listings Workspace] in the same manner as the Products Workspace, as well as a column chooser for further customization.

Need help?

This brings us to the end of our Workspace introduction. If you would like a more in-depth analysis of our SKU Pane and other features in this video, please find our knowledge base by clicking on the Help link in the bottom left-hand side of your toolbar. Additionally, If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the chat tool.

Access chat through Marketplace Management by clicking Support > Chat on the main navigation toolbar.

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Access chat through our Help Center by clicking the icon on the bottom right-hand side of any Help Center page.

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