Walmart "Win the Buy Box" Repricing Strategy (BB Notification Based)

Automatically find the optimal price to capture the Buy Box by using historical data.

How does the Win the Buy Box Strategy Work?

This article will cover how the Win the Buy Box pricing strategy works for Amazon and when it's best to use it.  This strategy may be used for both Amazon and Walmart.

Marketplace Management attempts to optimize your price by pricing up and down in a strategic way that lets us "check" whether you will capture the Buy Box at different price points. We start by making our best price estimate for capturing the Buy Box based on your selling statistics in comparison to your competitors selling statistics.

For Amazon specifically, Amazon has a Competitive Price Threshold which allows our Win the Buy Box repricing strategy to use to your advantage and determine what your price has to be at or under in order to win the Buy Box. If your minimum price is higher than Amazon's Competitive Price (CP), then the Marketplace Management "Win the Buy Box" strategy will disregard the CP and reprice as it typically would.

You may optionally exclude competitors that meet certain criteria and even choose to include or exclude specific merchants to compete against.


When should I use the Win the Buy Box Strategy?

This is our recommended strategy for your Amazon inventory (especially FBA) when you have competitors on the same ASIN.

When should I not use the Win the Buy Box Strategy?

  1. If you are a brand new seller New sellers on Amazon are not eligible for the Buy Box. Using this strategy when you are not eligible for the Buy Box will cause your prices to decrease until they hit their minimum price.
  2. If you are an MFN seller competing against FBA sellers
  3. If you are a branded seller with no competitors on your ASIN

Set Limitations for Repricing:

Profit protection will make sure your prices are within a range in which you are comfortable. You'll be able to set your minimum and maximum prices using a profit-based dynamic calculation, custom formula, or manually assign them.

Set a Fallback Strategy:

You can set a Fallback Strategy. A fallback strategy is only used when there are an insufficient number of qualified competitors to price against. For example, if there isn't a Buy Box price and you're using a Buy Box strategy, then we'll use the selected fallback strategy. This will not be reflected in the Listing Workspace grid. It only happens at the time of repricing which varies by channel.